Flexible working is the new norm

We have all been through quite a big upheaval in recent months and have all had to get used to the new dynamic of working from home. As a company we have always been pretty flexible with where everyone works from with several of our staff working from home or remotely on a regular basis both in the UK and across the globe.

As a personal adjustment it took me longer than many of our staff to get used to the new way of working, I have always enjoyed the separation of work and home and suddenly finding myself working from a dining room chair took me (and my back!) a while to settle into.

Working in digital we have found ourselves in a hugely fortunate position of being able to choose when we return to the office environment and we have tried to make sure we are aware of how much of a privilege that is as many workers have had to face working in closer quarters.

When this situation finally eases I think we will all continue to work in a flexible manor as many of our customers seem to be doing too.

Its clear though that we will all return slowly to normality with a hugely increased sense of respect for those workers who have supported us all through these troubled times!

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