Making use of our time in lockdown

If someone had told me that we would be suddenly all scrambling to find ways of working from home and almost all of our plans for 2020 would be up in the air or cancelled as we made those plans at the start of the year I wouldnt have believed them.

We are where we are though and as a business we are left with a choice. Do we spend the time worrying or do we grab that time and do some of the tasks that have been on our todo list for a long time but we never got round to?

The lockdown has allowed us to revamp the website, something we have been trying to get done in house for a while now.

We have also managed to revamp our branding, streamlined our internal processes and been afforded the time to take a long look at what is important to us as a team.

Use the time to make the changes you wouldn’t have made if the pressure of the day to day was still on you

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