Why Niche Edits are the safest and easiest way to grow your link profile in 2020

What is a niche edit?

Niche edits are links inserted into existing pieces of content to link to your site. Typically this means that if you wanted to gain links for your ‘Garden furniture’ page we would find sites that already talk about gardening etc and ask them to add a link to one of their existing pages about garden furniture and point it at your site.

What makes a niche edit better?

  • Placed within existing content that is already aged and ready to pass its value
  • Often on sites that don’t have any other signals that could cause Google to determine them as problematic
  • Links can often be placed within content that was not designed for SEO and therefore often increase the chances of the full equity passing to your page
  • Niche edits are very hard for Google to determine as a paid placement so the risks of these links are extremely low

Whats the process for placing a niche edit?

Why are they safer from Google?

Google uses something called ‘Real time Penguin’ as part of their core ranking algorithm to try to determine what links might have been placed to try and manipulate their search results.

To be able to determine if a link has been placed to try and manipulate them Google needs to be able to see signals that make them suspect the site.

With a niche edit the pattern of the sites and the signals that they show are massively more varied and therefore these appear far more natural to Google. In fact for the vast majority of niche edits its virtually impossible to tell these from a naturally placed link, they often sit side by side with the natural links already in a post.

This makes them one of the safest forms of link building possible.

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